Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spike's Revenge

Superwash Blue Faced Leicester, 3-ply sock yarn. 600+ yards each skein. BFL wool has a longer fiber length than merino, and has a lovely hand. These skeins should knit long socks that wear well. US size 0 to 1.5 recommended

$22 each. Email me if interested. honeyninja (at) gmail (dot) com

Update: One skein pending payment, others are sold.


Jess said...


deepa said...

You need to dye up some thicker yarn for me for bebe knitting for next fall. I'm not taking up dyeing, at least for now, but I'm happy to support your latest hobby. ;) And soon you'll find out more about the wearer's personality!

I really love the colors of the BFL, though it looks a tad too pink in the pic.

Guinifer said...

oooo - I love that yarn. Did you know? Yarn Fast? (pout.)