Thursday, April 19, 2007

"I know a Rowan!"

The moment Elmer walked through the coffeeshop during knit night, we couldn't help but stare. LOOK at all of that seed stitch! Connie stated, "It must be woven". She placed on her glasses, and declaired that it was indeed an entire vest out of the painstaking pattern. See the knit-in pockets? (Looks like Noro Kureyon to me.)

Elmer said that he has learned "What a Rowan is", and earns bonus points with his wife when he can point out a Starmore! Of course, she knit the vest for him.

Now, that's a lot of knitted love.Speaking of love, check out the wee baby felted slippers Deepa whipped up in less than 30 minutes. Aren't they adorable?

I don't know where the pattern is from, but I'm guessing the answer will be recorded in the comments below.

(The elegant model above is Connie, of course.)


Diane said...

Good for Elmer! My husband knows the difference between knitting and crocheting and knows I don't crochet. He knows there are different size needles and yarn but doesn't know how you decide what to use. He has also figured out that if there's yarn EVERYWHERE then his wife is very happy. Did I marry a smart guy or what?

deepa said...

Happy to oblige. :)

The baby slippers are 'Feltie Feet', from Jil Eaton's 'Minnies'. There's also a pattern for a matching Feltie Chapeau in the book- perhaps to be knit if the bébé is a girl.

And yes, not kidding, a 30 minute knit from CO to BO, hour if you're slow.