Monday, April 9, 2007

Still Life, Spring Green

All right. So I worked on the Lotus Blossom Tank a little bit this weekend.

A few notes:
-The first six rows are worked in a larger needle (US #6), then the knitter switches to a US #5. This apparantly stops the knitting from curing in.

-I changed the central decreases from a Slip-two-Knit-one-Pass-slipped-stitches-over to a Slip-one-Knit-two-Pass-slipped-stich-over for the first lace repeat. For the second, I decided to try the original decrease as the stiches were starting to look sloppy. (Blocking can fix all sloppiness!) Take a look a below. I'd recommend sticking to the original Slip-two business.

-Cotton Yarn. Usually I really dislike working with it. Cotton Patine, thus far, has been quite pleasurable to work with! The 100% combed cotton has an unusually squishy/spongey & soft hand. It has absolutely no elasticity, but the cushy quality to the yarn combined with it's softness lends to a surprisingly light and comfortable knit. In my mind I can *almost* imagine that it's merino. You know, almost. [Expect further updates as I can't believe it's actually as great as I think it is at this moment. C'mon, it's 100% cotton!]

-The color is certainly growing on me. Clearly I like it enough to buy tissue boxes with a similar hue.

If you celebrated, I hope you had a great Easter Holiday.
My extended family was certainly all smiles.


Stacey said...

funny how some decreases look neater than others just by changing one tiny thing! luckily there are lots to pick from. that is a great color - springy but not too bright!

Guinifer said...

Color me impressed. That is gorgous.

Catherine said...

Love your spring green! (Thanks for your advice on my Koigu sock. First one is finished on the my blog. I'm loving it and have already cast on for #2.) :)